Proka Migdal was a Bajoran who, with his wife and despite a vocal hatred of the Cardassians, adopted a Cardassian war orphan named Rugal.

In 2370, Proka and Rugal visited Deep Space 9, where he was accused by Zolan of mistreating Rugal because he was Cardassian. Commander Sisko ordered that his adopted son be taken and held at the station.

After it was revealed that Rugal's birth father was still alive, a custody hearing was held to determine where the boy should live. Despite evidence that he genuinely loved the boy as his own son, Proka Migdal lost custody and it was decided that Rugal would return to Cardassia with his biological father, Kotan Pa'Dar. During the course of the hearing, it was discovered that Dukat had deliberately left the boy behind on Bajor and told his father that he was dead, in order to embarrass his rival, Pa'Dar, at a later date. (DS9: "Cardassians")

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Proka Migdal was played by Terrence Evans.

According to the script, the pronunciation for Proka Migdal was "PRO-ka mig-DOLL". Therein, he was also described as "a sturdy, middle-aged Bajoran male."

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The character appears in the novels Day of the Vipers and The Never-Ending Sacrifice. In the former, he is a member of a Bajoran police force. According to the latter, he died in 2371. The Never-Ending Sacrifice gives his wife's name as Proka Etra. Proka Migdal also appears in The Soul Key.

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