The Promellian battle cruiser was a starship of the Promellian military. The craft was built for many generations prior to the 14th century. The design of the Promellian battle cruiser's bridge was well structured and sophisticated. The ship itself was provided with power by Lang Cycle fusion engines.

In 2366, the derelict cruiser Cleponji was discovered by the USS Enterprise-D, under Captain Picard, near the remains of Orelious IX. The vessel was immediately recognized on sight, and was considered a rare and magnificent find, as this particular ship design was one of legend among the crew of the Enterprise-D.

The battle cruiser class' bridge.

The battle cruiser class' bridge communications station.

Visiting a Promellian battle cruiser was always a dream of Picard's, a dream he had held on to ever since he was a child, when he used to build model ships in bottles. Picard had always figured that ships of that era would have a clumsy and awkward bridge layout; however, he was later proven wrong upon visiting the Cleponji. He would later have Worf take tricorder images of the cruiser's tactical display for additional analysis of the vessels form and function. (TNG: "Booby Trap")

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