The Prytt Security Ministry was the government department of the Prytt of Kesprytt III charged with maintaining the security of their territory. Their duties included seeking out and capturing alleged spies as well as halting perceived threats to their government.

In 2370, Lorin was the head of the Security Ministry.

That same year, the Security Ministry intercepted a transporter beam carrying Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher from the USS Enterprise-D to a meeting with Kes Ambassador Mauric. They believed that the two parties were going to negotiate a military alliance against the Prytt. The Ministry detained Picard and Crusher and charged them with spying, among other charges. They also implanted psi-wave devices inside them as a method of obtaining information from them.

Operatives of the Kes within the Ministry helped free the two captives, although they had to find their way out on their own. The Ministry later helped return both to the Enterprise when William T. Riker threatened a long Starfleet investigation of the xenophobic species. (TNG: "Attached")

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