Pterodactyls on the Amusement Park planet.

A pterodactyl was a flying reptile that lived on the planet Earth millions of years ago and coexisted with dinosaurs. They were sharp-teethed, had a distinct shriek, and were capable of stationary hovering in the air.

In 2269, an away team from the USS Enterprise were terrorized by mechanized manifestations of a group of pterodactyls on the Shore Leave Planet. They were the first indication that the planet's computer was malfunctioning and creating simulations which it was not meant to. (TAS: "Once Upon a Planet")

While they clearly look like Pterosaurs, none of the animals shown in "Once Upon a Planet" appear to be a Pterodactyl. The crested, tailless one on the left appears to be a Cretaceous period Pteranodon, and the long-tailed one on the right seems to be an earlier, Jurassic species, possibly the Ramphorynchus.
A picture of what appeared to be a pterodactyl-like creature was created for a book to be featured in Star Trek: Insurrection, but was not seen on screen.

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