The Ptolemy-class was a type of Federation transport/tug utilized by Starfleet during the latter half of the 23rd century.

Based on the standard Starfleet design tree and hull components of the time, the Ptolemy-class replaced the engineering hull of the Constitution-class with a connector at the base of the connecting neck, which could accept a variety of transport containers.

A graphic displaying a vessel of this class appeared on the Starfleet Academy bridge simulation in 2285. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

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Background information

The Ptolemy-class starship display was literally a page pulled from Franz Josephs' Star Fleet Technical Manual. In it, he has designated the class as a "Class I Transport/Tug – MK-VI"

In addition to the Ptolemy, other images appearing in the graphic loop from this source include the Saladin-class, Hermes-class, and Federation-class.


According to Star Fleet Technical Manual from which the class is derived, NCC-3801 is the registry of the USS Ptolemy and is also the prototype of the class.

The tugs which are seen towing the damaged USS Enterprise in the Star Trek: Discovery episode "Brother" appear to be Ptolemy-class ships. They are not mentioned by name, nor are they seen up close, because to do so would require permission from Franz Joseph's estate as the class first appeared in the Technical Manual.

In the CD-ROM game Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, the USS Enterprise was assigned to recapture a Ptolemy-class Starfleet tug, the USS Masada (NCC-293391) that had been hijacked by Elasi pirates. The ship was described as having a crew of seventeen, captained by Lt. Kevin Keeler.

The Ptolemy-class is also present in the Star Fleet Universe, in which it serves as part of the Federation's logistical network in peace and war. In Star Fleet Battles Module R8, a scenario is presented in which Ptolemy herself is tasked with transporting the crippled vessel Star Tiger out of danger in the early part of the General War.

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