For the DS9 episode with a similar title, please see "In Purgatory's Shadow".
For the Pocket TOS novel, please see Purgatory's Key.

Purgatory was a location believed by some forms of Christianity to be where souls were purged of their sins before they could enter heaven.

In 2374, a hologram of Leonardo da Vinci asked "Catarina" whether they were in purgatory, after seeing the scenery in USS Voyager's holodeck change. (VOY: "Concerning Flight")

The term could also describe any place where people suffered ongoing punishment. In 2267, Spock consoled Leila Kalomi after the Omicron spores ceased their influence on them. The Vulcan noted that if there were such things as self-made purgatories, everyone had to live in them, and that his would be comparable to those of others. (TOS: "This Side of Paradise")

In 2268, Harry Mudd agreed to help the crew of USS Enterprise defeat the Mudd androids, saying that the sort of galaxy they would rule over would be purgatory for someone like him. (TOS: "I, Mudd")

In 2365, Ira Graves expressed his pity for Data, saying the android's existence must be a walking purgatory, as he was neither dead nor alive, had no capacity to feel emotions, and merely existed. (TNG: "The Schizoid Man")

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