The Pyrithian Gorge was a geological formation on the planet Talax of noted strategic importance.

During the Talaxian-Haakonian War, it was the site of the Battle of the Pyrithian Gorge, one of the last battles fought during the war. While Neelix initially claimed to have fought at the battle, he later admitted that he had never been to the gorge. (VOY: "Jetrel")

This is the first usage of the term "Pyrithian," which was later used in Star Trek: Enterprise in association with the Pyrithian moon hawk and Pyrithian bat. It is unclear why a term associated with the Talaxian homeworld, located in the Delta Quadrant, would be associated with two species known to the Denobulans that were presumably native to a planet in the Alpha or Beta Quadrant. Due to this apparent discrepancy, it would seem that this term was simply used by two distinct cultures, such as was the term "Darmok."
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