Q'lavas were a type of fruit, edible to Vorta.

In 2373, Kilana offered q'lava to Captain Benjamin Sisko during a stand-off over a Jem'Hadar attack ship on Torga IV, claiming it to be a personal favorite. Sisko declined, despite her assurances that they were not poisoned. (DS9: "The Ship")

The Star Trek Encyclopedia(citation needededit) pointed out that later in DS9 Season 5, in the episode "Ties of Blood and Water", Weyoun stated that the Vorta are actually genetically engineered to be immune to most forms of poison – which "comes in handy" for a race of diplomats. Weyoun demonstrated this by drinking a glass of poisoned kanar toxic enough to kill a dozen Cardassians. Therefore, as the Encyclopedia says, Sisko was probably wise to decline Kilana's offer, and it is unclear if q'lava is safe for Humans to consume.

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