Q'ret was a Kobali and had two daughters, Jhet'leya and Tynsiya.

Mid-2375 his daughter Jhet'leya ran away from home because she remembered parts of her former life, her "kyn'steya", before she became Kobali. It took Q'ret six months to find her again, but she managed to disable his ship. Several days later he found her on board the USS Voyager.

After contacting Captain Kathryn Janeway, he was allowed to speak to his daughter, who by now was using her Human name Lyndsay Ballard, and with the help of The Doctor, had transformed her Kobali appearance back to Human.

Although Q'ret explained to her that she was no longer Human but Kobali and why she remembered parts of her former life, she still refused to return. She told him to call her Lyndsay Ballard and not Jhet'leya. Harry Kim and Captain Janeway accused Q'ret of tampering with her remains but he told them that he acted according to Kobali customs. When Q'ret asked if her first thoughts were in the Kobali or Human language, she didn't answer. When Q'ret asked her what he should tell Tynsiya, Lyndsay answered "tell her that her sister's dead" and left the room.

Before being escorted out of the ready room by Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, Q'ret told the captain that he would not give her up. Although he did not want to fight, his ship being no match for Voyager, he would be back with more ships.

The next day Q'ret was joined by two other ships and started firing upon Voyager. When Kim was about to destroy one of the ships via a polaron burst, he was stopped by Lyndsay who told him that she could not stay; the Lyndsay Ballard they knew was dead, but at least this time she had had the chance to say goodbye.

After the ceasefire, Jhet'leya was beamed back to her father's ship and back to her Kobali life. (VOY: "Ashes to Ashes")

Q'ret was played by Kevin Lowe.
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