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For the VOY episode of the same name, please see "Q2".
"Remember who you're talking to… all knowing, all seeing…"
– Q2, 2366 ("Deja Q")

Q2 was a member of the Q Continuum. At some point in the distant past, he misplaced the entire Deltived asteroid belt, an event which caused him considerable embarrassment. He was later responsible for stripping Q of his powers and banishing him to mortality as a Human in 2366, having grown tired of constantly apologizing to lesser beings across the universe for the various misdeeds and trouble-making committed by Q.

Q2 continued to follow Q's progress aboard the USS Enterprise-D. He later appeared and re-instated Q's powers when the latter Q committed a selfless act to save the Enterprise-D from the attacking Calamarain, deciding that letting him die was not worth the trouble of explaining his actions to the Continuum. (TNG: "Deja Q")


Background information

Q2 was played by actor Corbin Bernsen, who, for reasons unknown, received no credit for his appearance.

In the episode, both he and John de Lancie's character addressed each other as "Q".

The name Q2 originated from the source's script. Bernsen also referred to himself as such in the Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special.


Q2 was featured in the Q Continuum novel trilogy by Greg Cox participating, along with Quinn and the female Q in the war against "0" in the Continuum trilogy.

He was briefly featured in the Peter David novel Q-in-Law, but played a more vital role in David & de Lancie's I, Q as a supposed ally of Q's in his struggle to stop the end of the universe.

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