For the non-corporeal, trianic energy beings, please see Komar.

The Qomar or Qomarians were a humanoid species native to the Delta Quadrant. They were notorious for their xenophobic and obnoxiously arrogant attitude.

The Qomar homeworld, center of the Qomar Planetary Alliance, was run by a "Prelate." Their homeworld was typically closed to outsiders. A common pet among Qomar is an animal similar to a Terran dog.

The Qomar were a species of mathematicians, and believed everything had a complex equation behind its existence. A common cultural point was that people were regarded higher for the number of decimal places to which they could calculate pi in their head. The Doctor was asked how many digits he could calculate in a fan letter from a Qomar.

Physiologically, they were humanoid in appearance, bearing a ridged protrusion that passed from the tops of their noses to the tops of their foreheads. Their height was also shorter than that of the average humanoid. Their vocal cords were capable of speech, like many species, however, they were incapable of allowing a Qomar to sing. As such, their species had never heard anything like music.

In 2376, while a Qomar transport was returning to their system, the USS Voyager's primitive scanning beam damaged their propulsion systems and they were brought aboard for medical treatment. While in sickbay, The Doctor, the ship's holographic chief medical officer, hummed a Human tune. This fascinated the Qomar, and they relayed the information to Prelate Koru, who permitted Voyager to enter orbit of their homeworld.

After an initial concert aboard the Voyager and another on the planet, The Doctor became an icon. Seven of Nine believed the huge amount of fan mail that The Doctor received was actually an attempt by the Qomar to overload Voyager's communications array. (VOY: "Virtuoso")


Qomar script

Technologically, the Qomar regard themselves as a relatively advanced species. Their ships were so powerful they typically disregarded inferior races they come across. Failing to consider other ships' technology due to their arrogance created at least one flaw, which led to the starship Voyager's scanning beam damaging one of their vessels. Nevertheless, in spite of this glaring oversight, their propulsion systems were far beyond the understanding of Federation technology.

There were at least four classes of Qomar starships, many of which stayed within their system and in orbit of their planet. There were also several space stations orbiting the planet.

Their holographic technology was far more advanced than that of the Federation as of 2376; they considered the Emergency Medical Hologram extremely simplistic. The Qomar on board Voyager at first talked very slowly to him and worried that his medical knowledge was insufficient to treat their injuries. (VOY: "Virtuoso")

The Qomar PADD (seen when Tincoo gave The Doctor her own musical composition) was later modified to appear as the Quarren PADD in "Workforce" and "Workforce, Part II".


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