A small vial of quadratanium

Quadratanium was a common compound of the Federation in the 24th century. This compound, in a finely ground state, could be procured from ship's stores.

One of the uses of quadratanium was in the construction of Soong-type androids. If ingested orally, the android would suffer a condition similar to unconsciousness in Humans.

When Lore stayed aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2364, he visited ship's stores on deck four where he picked up a macrotool and samples of quadratanium. Upon learning of this, Data believed Lore's interest in the compound to be no more worrisome than a Human searching for antiseptic or an ointment.

With the compound, Lore spiked a glass of champagne which he presented to his "brother" Data. Upon drinking the concoction, Data lapsed into unconsciousness. (TNG: "Datalore")

Though not identified by name, the script make it clear that the "silver metal bits" Lore pours into Data's glass of champagne are pieces of finely ground quadratanium.


In the 25th century timeline of Star Trek Online, quadratanium is an essential material used in the production of holotechnology and replicators, with demand rising in the wake of growing involvement by photonic lifeforms and holographic crew in starships. The Laurentian system is a major source of quadratanium, and a site of frequent conflict between the Klingon Defense Force and Starfleet.

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