Multiple realities
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Quantum flux is a phenomenon whereby a substance's quantum signature becomes asynchronous with normal matter, and which allows for shifting between alternate quantum realities.

In 2370, as a result of an encounter with a quantum fissure, Lieutenant Worf was thrown into a state of quantum flux and began to shift between different quantum realities whenever exposed to a subspace field pulse produced by Lieutenant Commander La Forge's VISOR. (TNG: "Parallels")

In addition, subspace transporters operated by putting the matter to be transported into a state of unstable quantum flux in order to transport it through subspace. In 2370, Lieutenant Commanders Data and Geordi La Forge were able to determine that Bok, a Ferengi obsessed with killing Captain Picard, had covertly boarded the USS Enterprise using a subspace transporter, by identifying a subspace signature left by Bok. (TNG: "Bloodlines")

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