La Forge is attacked by a quantum singularity lifeform in Romulan form.

The quantum singularity lifeforms were an alien species originating from a continuum outside normal space-time. They incubated their young in the gravity wells of black holes.

In 2369, these lifeforms nested in the forced quantum singularity power source of a Romulan warbird, not knowing that it was artificial in origin. The presence of the nest deactivated the warbird's power system. Upon realizing that the artificial singularity was unsuitable for their young, two of the lifeforms assumed Romulan form and attempted to extract them.

The USS Enterprise-D, responding to the Romulans' distress call, initiated a power transfer beam to the warbird. The beam caused a temporal rupture when it came into contact with the lifeforms' nest, effectively freezing both vessels in time and fracturing the flow of time in the surrounding area. The adult lifeforms commandeered the warbird's systems to attack the Enterprise, as the power transfer was damaging the nest.

Captain Picard, along with Deanna Troi, Data, and Geordi La Forge, who were not on the Enterprise during the disruption, were able to communicate with one of the lifeforms and determine the situation. They prevented the lifeforms from destroying the Enterprise and disconnected the power transfer beam. Once the beam was disconnected, the lifeforms moved themselves, their nest, and the warbird into their native realm. (TNG: "Timescape")


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