"All I ask is a tall ship...and a load of contraband to fill it with."

Quark's Treasure was a Ferengi shuttle that was in service in the late 24th century. This shuttle was presented to Quark by his cousin Gaila in 2372, as repayment for a loan of latinum which Quark gave to Gaila to start up a munitions consortium. According to Quark's brother Rom, it was able to outrun a Romulan interceptor, and could go half-way across the galaxy before requiring a maintenance check.

Upon receipt of the shuttle, Quark took advantage of his nephew's admission to Starfleet Academy to smuggle illegal kemocite, using the excuse of transporting Nog to Earth as a cover to deliver the contraband to Orion. During the trip, however, Rom discovered that Gaila, who harbored a dislike of Quark, had sabotaged the shuttle's command sequencer, causing the shuttle to accelerate uncontrollably while in warp. Rom, however, came up with a plan to vent plasma from the shuttle's warp core into the cargo hold, where it started a cascade reaction in the kemocite. He then modulated the reaction to create an inversion wave in the warp field, forcing the ship back into normal space. Although the plan was successful, it also had the unexpected side effect of creating a time warp which transported the shuttle back in time to the year 1947.

Upon crash-landing in the town of Roswell, New Mexico, Quark, Rom, and Nog were taken into custody by the United States Army Air Forces, and their ship was stored in Hangar 18 on a military base. While on the base, the three Ferengi were interrogated by the Army, who suspected them of being part of an alien invasion force. While this was occurring, Odo, who had stowed away on the shuttle in an attempt to catch Quark smuggling the kemocite, conducted covert repairs on the shuttle in an effort to make it space-worthy again. Quark, Rom, and Nog were eventually able to escape with the assistance of two helpful Humans and retrieve their ship. Rom was then able to harness the beta radiation from an atomic explosion and expose the remaining kemocite to it, triggering a temporal surge in the subspace continuum and recreating the time warp, which returned the shuttle and its inhabitants to their proper place and time.

Upon the shuttle's return to the 24th century, it was deemed a total loss, and Quark was forced to sell it for salvage in order to book passage back to Deep Space 9. (DS9: "Little Green Men")

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