Quarren coyote ships

Three Quarren coyote ships

A Quarren coyote ship was a type of well-armed starship used by a band of Quarren criminals to abduct the crews of other starships and sell them into labor on Quarra. These ships used subspace mines to disable their target vessels, and were equipped with tractor beams.

In 2377, coyote ships picked up the USS Voyager's escape pods after Voyager was inundated with tetryon radiation from a subspace mine. The commander of one of these vessels then attempted to take possession of Voyager, but was thwarted by the Emergency Command Hologram.

Later, when Harry Kim and the ECH were in co-command of Voyager, they were attacked by three coyote ships. Kim devised a plan to disable the ships with explosive-rigged escape pods. (VOY: "Workforce, Part II")

The name for this type of vessel was identified in the episode's script, and are not to be confused with the Quarren patrol ships.
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