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Richard Stephen Weber, mostly credited as R. Stephen Weber and also known as Steve Weber, is a make-up artist who worked on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: First Contact. In 1996 he also worked as a makeup artist on the television tribute Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond, where he worked with fellow Star Trek alumni Suzan Bagdadi and Tina Hoffman. During his time on Star Trek, Weber earned three Emmy Award nominations and won one Emmy Award:

In 2000 Weber earned another Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Makeup for a Series for his work on the MADtv episode Movie Show, shared with Ed French and Myke Michaels. In addition to Star Trek, Weber worked as makeup artist on the horror film The Prophecy (1995, along with Dave Snyder), the television series Charmed (1999-2000, with hair stylist Ani Plotkin), and the crime thriller Twisted (2004, starring Ashley Judd and along with Steven E. Anderson, Allan A. Apone, Joel Harlow, Candace Neal, and Ve Neill).

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