Raakin was an Augment created by Dr. Arik Soong. He was one of many embryos stolen from Cold Station 12 for incubation by Soong. Raakin took control of the Augments after Dr. Soong had been arrested and sentenced for his crimes.

Malik, Raakin's brother, stole a Klingon Bird-of-Prey, killing the crew in the process. On the Bird-of-Prey, Raakin was angry with Malik for stealing the ship. Malik took offense at this and plotted a mutiny. Many other Augments took Malik's side and joined him.

Raakin was confronted by his brother and tried to defuse the situation. When younger, Raakin had helped his brother Malik when he was in trouble in a river on Trialas IV. Raakin attempted to use the river moment on Malik to prevent conflict. This was unsuccessful and Malik killed Raakin. (ENT: "Borderland")

When Dr. Soong heard of Raakin's death, he was greatly saddened and disappointed. Malik had disobeyed Dr. Soong's teachings by killing Raakin, his own "brother". Dr. Soong recalled how Raakin had loved astronomy. (ENT: "Cold Station 12")

Raakin was played by actor Joel West. The young Raakin seen in "Cold Station 12" was played by an uncredited Nathan Bowers.
In the final draft script of "Borderland", Raakin was described as "slightly older" than Malik and Persis.
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