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Rad Milo is an actor who worked as regular background actor on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager. He received no credit for his appearances. His uniform from Voyager was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay and was also worn by Derek McGrath. [1] With the name tag Richard Milo, his uniform from Star Trek: The Next Generation was also sold on eBay. [2] According to the call sheets, Milo was scheduled to work at the aft bridge in the fifth season episode "Redemption II", on the bridge and in Ten Forward in the episode "Ensign Ro", in Ten Forward in the episodes "Conundrum" and "Cost of Living", and in corridor scenes in the episode "The Outcast" but was replaced.

Milo played supporting roles in the horror comedy Army of Darkness (1992, with Ian Abercrombie, Patricia Tallman, and stunts by Chuck Borden, Eddie Braun, George Colucci, B.J. Davis, Christopher Doyle, Maria Kelly, Steven Lambert, Lane Leavitt, Gene LeBell, Ken Lesco, Dennis Madalone, Tom Morga, John Nowak, Tim Trella, and Brian J. Williams), where he appeared as a Tower guard, and in the drama One Night at McCool's (2001, with Ric Sarabia, Tim de Zarn, and stunts by Manny Perry and Steve Rizzo), where he played a State Trooper.

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