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Raf Green was a staff writer for Star Trek: Voyager between 1999 and 2001.

Since 2002 he has worked for the Lone Outpost television series, which features several Country events. He also served as assistant for the directors on the Academy Award winning thriller Syriana (2003-2005, with Christopher Plummer). [1]


  • VOY:
    • "Virtuoso" (with Kenneth Biller)
    • "Child's Play" (Teleplay)
    • "Life Line" (Teleplay with Robert Doherty and Brannon Braga)
    • "Flesh and Blood" (Story with Jack Monaco and Bryan Fuller, Teleplay with Kenneth Biller (Part II))
    • "Prophecy" (Story with Larry Nemecek, J. Kelley Burke and Kenneth Biller)
    • "The Void" (Story with Kenneth Biller, Teleplay with James Kahn)
    • "Homestead"

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