Westlake under the influence of the virus

The rage virus was an affliction found in the Galar system causing extreme aggression, enhanced strength, and loss of cognitive function in those affected. Those infected with the virus also spewed a black bilious substance from their mouths. When initially encountered by the Federation, the transporter biofilters on the USS Cerritos were not able to detect the virus.

During a second contact mission in 2380, the virus caused an outbreak aboard the Cerritos after Commander Jack Ransom was bitten by a Galardonian insect. After beamed back to the ship, Ransom began exhibiting symptoms and bit several crew members, spreading the virus. The ensuing outbreak consumed much of the ship, until Doctor T'Ana discovered a cure derived from the saliva of the Galardonian spider cow that Ensign Brad Boimler had brought back from the planet's surface. (LD: "Second Contact")

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