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Rahvaunia (born 24 April 1971; age 49) is an actress and filmmaker who played an Academy teacher in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. Because of her status as a background actress she received no credit for her role.

Born as Rahvaunia LaNese Johnson in Flint, Michigan, she was raised under the influence of the MGM musicals, Fred Astaire, Shirley Temple, and Gene Kelly and found her love for dance and acting at a young age. Beside her work in the entertainment industry, Rahvaunia is also a fashion designer in Los Angeles. She studied acting at the Meisner/ Carville School of Acting, the Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts, and The Network Studios and has performed in several stage plays. In the 2003 Infamous episode Hally Berry she played the title character and also served as stand-in and body double for Halle Berry in Fred Durst's music video Behind Blue Eyes.

Rahvaunia was also featured in the television series The Parkers and Port Charles (1999). She appeared in Jeff Rector's James Bond spoof Pray Another Day (2002, with Robert Zachar), the short thriller Justice Accomplished (2007),the drama Sunday School (2008), and several independent films such as Fight Girls, A Girl Thing, A Heart's Journey, and God's Gift.

More recently she portrayed Sloan Walker in the romantic movie Incomplete (2008, alongside fellow Star Trek extra Wyatt Gray) and served as assistant producer for the drama Caught in the Game (2008).

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