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Raise the Dawn is a Star Trek: Typhon Pact novel – the second novel in a duology, and forming part of the Deep Space Nine relaunch series – written by David R. George III. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in June 2012.


From the book jacket
After the disastrous events in the Bajoran system, Captain Benjamin Sisko must confront the consequences of the recent choices he has made in his life. At the same time, the United Federation of Planets and its Khitomer Accords allies have come to the brink of war with the Typhon Pact.
While factions within the Pact unsuccessfully used the recent gestures of goodwill – the opening of borders and a joint Federation-Romulan exploratory mission – to develop quantum slipstream drive, they have not given up their goals. Employing a broad range of assets, from Romulus to Cardassia, from Ab-Tzenketh to Bajor, they embark on a dangerous new plan to acquire the technology they need to take control of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. While UFP President Bacco and Romulan Praetor Kamemor work feverishly to reestablish peace, Captains Sisko, Jean-Luc Picard, and Ro Laren stand on the front lines of the conflict… even as a new danger threatens the Bajoran wormhole as it once more becomes a flashpoint of galactic history.

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Background information

  • The novel was announced by George on 9 March 2011, [1] with the details of the series revealed at the Shore Leave Convention on 10 July 2011, and the working titles on 15 July 2011. [2]
  • Like its predecessor, the novel carried a placeholder title on official Pocket documentation – including the author's contract and sales catalog entries. Given as The Founder's Tears, and listed as a Pocket TNG novel, it was later listed under the umbrella title Chain of Destiny; however, George confirmed that these were internal designations for the purpose of labeling, and not indicative of the final novel. [3] [4]
  • Cover art by Doug Drexler, design by Alan Dingman.

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Bajoran; Borg; Breen; Deep Space 9; Dominion War; Finagle's Folly; Romulan; Tzenkethi

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