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Rajiin was a female alien, native to the planet Oran'taku.

Rajiin claimed that, when she was very young, she was kidnapped from her homeworld and sold into slavery for her sexual talents. In 2153, she was recruited by the Xindi-Reptilians to gather information on the Humans. She was placed in Zjod's sex slave shop in a floating bazaar on the Xanthan homeworld, where she conducted a staged escape. Jonathan Archer, who was on the planet to obtain trellium-D, saved her and took her aboard Enterprise NX-01.

On Enterprise, Rajiin used her telepathic and sexual powers to seduce members of the crew into a trance-like state. She would meanwhile use the ability to illuminate anatomy inside the other person's body by placing her hands near or on parts of the body she wanted to highlight, in order to acquire biometric data on them. After attacking T'Pol, who was eventually able to resist her telepathic powers, Rajiin was thrown in the brig, but a Reptilian task force successfully boarded Enterprise and secured her release.

Afterward, she reported to the Xindi Council, who viewed the data she had acquired for use in developing a bio-weapon. She showed the councilors the scans she had taken by placing her hands atop the table in the Xindi Council chamber, which displayed the scans holographically above the table. Although the Reptilians were satisfied, Rajiin warned there was more to Humans than they knew, but Commander Dolim ordered her out of the Council chamber. (ENT: "Rajiin")

Upon Archer notifying T'Pol that he had found a Xindi-Reptilian bio-reactor, Rajiin's warning that the Xindi were attempting to create a bio-weapon was mentioned by Archer, realizing he and T'Pol may have found it. (ENT: "Carpenter Street")

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Rajiin was portrayed by actress Nikita Ager. In some footage from the episode, the character was played by Ager's stunt double for the role, Stacey Elizabeth Carino.

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In the final draft script of "Rajiin", the character of Rajiin was initially described as "a striking, humanoid female". The teleplay later stated, "There is something undeniably charming about Rajiin [....] She's very aware, and unashamed, of who she is." A scene description concerning Rajiin and Archer remarked, "There is something about her that he can't resist."

During the course of the episode "Rajiin", the character is shown in multiple different outfits and with slightly different hairstyles. A scene description in the script described the second look which Rajiin is shown with by stating, "[She] has cleaned up very nicely in fresh clothes." The third look Rajiin is portrayed in was described in the script as "a seductive outfit – her sleeping clothes" and a "stunning appearance."

Most of Rajiin's back-story is questionable; she may have been making at least part of it up to earn sympathy from Archer. The script provided an insight into her backstory by suggesting that, prior to her time aboard Enterprise, she might not have smiled in a long time. Regarding her powers, the script revealed, "Part of Rajiin's seductive power is the ability to block any memory of what she's done." Concerning her agility, the teleplay commented, "She's a highly-trained operative with extraordinary physical skill." In ultimately unused dialogue from the script, T'Pol clarified that Rajiin didn't read thoughts, despite using invasive telepathy, and that it was a more "physically invasive" form of telepathy than a mind meld.

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To adopt the role of Rajiin, Nikita Ager had to depict both the character's sensuality toward Captain Archer and members of his crew as well as Rajiin's duplicity as a spy for the Xindi-Reptilians. "I liked that the character, at least from what I gathered from it, had been on her own for so long that she had nerve," Ager recalled. "I was a little nervous about the sensuality, but I had to trust that I was in good hands there. I had to go with their knowing what they were doing." (Star Trek: Communicator issue 151, p. 46)

Nikita Ager was completely surprised but also very glad that, judging by the responses from fans of Star Trek: Enterprise, Rajiin turned out to be a character which energized the show's fan base by proving controversial. "From the fan mail I'm getting – and oh my goodness, you would not believe the fan mail that the show has sparked – I didn't know that they hadn't had an alien seductress like her before on Enterprise," Ager remarked, with a laugh. "Half the mail is, 'Wow!' People were so excited about a seductress who is an 'equal opportunity' seductress for the men and the women. And then I get letters from people saying, 'I can't believe Star Trek has gone there.'" (Star Trek: Communicator issue 151, p. 46)

In addition to being pleased with the episode "Rajiin", Nikita Ager was hopeful that she might return as Rajiin. "They left it so maybe Rajiin can come back," she observed. "I'm not sure that the captain and crew can embrace Rajiin after she wreaked the havoc she did. Maybe she's seen the light, and the Enterprise can embrace her. I don't know, but in any direction, I am excited and hopeful that Rajiin can come back." (Star Trek: Communicator issue 151, p. 46)

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