The Rakosans were a warp-capable humanoid species native to Rakosa V in the Delta Quadrant. They were lead by a first minister.

Not considering themselves to be a war-like race, they had not devoted significant resourced to weapons, and as a result, their offensive capabilities were lacking compared to the Federation or the Cardassians. However, they could mobilize a fleet of fifteen vessels, the pilots of which they rated highly, capable of defending their world to some extent.

By 2372, they had learned of USS Voyager, believing it to be aggressive and dangerous due to the Kazon smear campaign against the ship. That same year, their world was accidentally targeted by the missile Dreadnought, the casualty count projected at two million. Fortunately, the missile was destroyed by USS Voyager personnel moments before it would have impacted with the planet. In the process, however, the planet's leader assured Voyager that the crew had made a friend in the Rakosans, as he respected their willingness to sacrifice themselves for a people they only met two days ago when Captain Janeway informed him of their plan to try and stop Dreadnought by having it collide with Voyager. (VOY: "Dreadnought")


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