Ramatis III was an inhabited third planet of the Ramatis system, in the Beta Quadrant. This was the homeworld for the Ramatis III natives, a space-faring humanoid species. Its ruling family was known for its hereditary deafness. One of the family members, Riva, was a Federation famed mediator. (TNG: "Loud As A Whisper"; DIS: "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad")

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"RAH-mah-tis." was the pronunciation for this planet's name from the script pronunciation guide. [1]

The planet model first used here for Ramatis III would later be used for Gamma Hromi II ("The Vengeance Factor") and Alpha Onias III ("Future Imperfect").

According to Star Trek: Star Charts ("United Federation of Planets I"), in 2378, Ramatis III was listed as a Federation member.

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