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For the similarly named Human, please see Rahda.

Professor Ramdha was a female Romulan who lived during the late 24th century. She was the aunt of Narek and Narissa, and took them in after their parents died.

Ramdha was renowned as the foremost expert on ancient Romulan myths, and had authored several books on the subject. She once appeared on the talk show Yrrh Mnrrh, where she spoke about Ganmadan. (PIC: "Absolute Candor")

Ramdha and Narissa about to experience the Admonition

Secretly, she was also a member of the Tal Shiar, the Zhat Vash, and part of the Conclave of Eight. In 2385, she submitted herself to the Admonition and lost her mind in the process.

Ramdha was a passenger on the Tal Shiar's Imperial scout ship Shaenor when it was assimilated by a Borg cube. (PIC: "The End is the Beginning", "Absolute Candor") The force of the Admonition's wake in Ramdha's mind caused the cube to undergo a submatrix collapse that severed it from the Collective. (PIC: "Broken Pieces") She was eventually reclaimed by the Borg Reclamation Project. Like the other Romulan xBs on the Cube, which became known as the Artifact, she was left disordered after being recovered from the Collective. (PIC: "The End is the Beginning", "Absolute Candor")

In 2399, at the Romulan Reclamation Site, Soji Asha, working with the Borg Artifact Research Institute, received permission from Hugh, the director of the Reclamation Project, to interview Ramdha who was, at that time, identified as Patient 4822/2. Asha wished to consult Ramdha in creating a shared mythical framework as a therapeutic tool for the xBs. During their conversation, Ramdha arranged pixmit cards, the last of which depicted Seb-Cheneb and her sister. Ramdha became hysterical and grabbed a sidearm from a nearby guard; calling Asha Seb-Cheneb and the Destroyer, she pointed the disruptor at Asha before turning it on herself. Moving with inhuman speed, Asha disarmed her before she could fire. (PIC: "The End is the Beginning")

Later, Narek found Asha watching over Ramdha's unconscious body. He remarked that Ramdha had always been a "tormented soul", and that he was not surprised she had attempted suicide. Asha admitted that she felt drawn to Ramdha, that Ramdha had perceived something within her. (PIC: "Absolute Candor")

Before Narissa's intended departure from the Artifact to join the attack on Coppelius, she visited Ramdha and talked of their past. She noted that Doctor Kabath had not found any medical reason for why Ramdha had not regained consciousness. (PIC: "Broken Pieces")



Background information

Ramdha was played by Rebecca Wisocky.

In a behind the scenes blog titled "Notes on the Myth of Ganmadan (The End of the World)", Michael Chabon noted Ramdha was a professor at K'mu University on Romulus. [1]

Ramdha was featured in a deleted scene from "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2", where she showed pixmit cards to several of the androids at Coppelius Station.