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Randy Hall in 1994

Randall "Randy" J. Hall is a stuntman, stunt actor, and stunt coordinator who was one of the stunt doubles for Malcolm McDowell in Star Trek Generations. He also served as his stand-in in the 1997 video game Star Trek Generations. Hall and fellow stuntman Don Pulford were interviewed for the special feature "Strange New Worlds: The Valley of Fire" on the Star Trek Generations (Special Edition) DVD.

In 2002 he was nominated for a Taurus World Stunt Award for the hardest hit in the film The Glass House. He has doubled for actors such as Ray Liotta and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Among his stunt resume are films such as Kidnapped (1986, with Lance LeGault, Charles Napier, and stunts by Greg Barnett, Kenny Endoso, Tommy J. Huff, Don Pulford, and Mic Rodgers), King Kong Lives (1986), The Lost Boys (1987, with Todd Feder and stunts by Janet Brady, Doc Charbonneau, Monty Cox, Kim Robert Koscki, Gene LeBell, Johnny C. Meier, Bernie Pock, and Spice Williams), Die Hard (1988), Road House (1989, with Kevin Tighe, Anthony De Longis, and Patricia Tallman), The Hunt for Red October (1990, with Gates McFadden), Dick Tracy (1990), Predator 2 (1990), Knight Rider 2000 (1991, with James Doohan), Demolition Man (1993, with Bob Gunton and Bill Cobbs), Tank Girl (1995, with Lori Petty and Malcolm McDowell), Se7en (1995), Menno's Mind (1996, with William O. Campbell, Corbin Bernsen, Michael Dorn, and Robert Picardo), Face/Off (1997), The Dentist 2 (1998, with Corbin Bernsen, Wendy Robie, and Clint Howard), Pearl Harbor (2001), Minority Report (2002), Daredevil (2003, with Leland Orser, Erick Avari, Jude Ciccolella, Kane Hodder, and stunts by Tony Brubaker, Jennifer Caputo, Mark Chadwick, Phil Chong, Shauna Duggins, Tommy J. Huff, Christopher Leps, Peewee Piemonte, and Tim Sitarz), Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2006), and Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane (2007, with Erick Avari, Derek Webster, Todd Babcock, Tucker Smallwood, David Spielberg, Brian Thompson, and stunts by Shawn Crowder, Rosine "Ace" Hatem, Chuck Hicks, Kim Koscki, Dorenda Moore, Steve Rizzo, Nancy Thurston, Spice Williams-Crosby, and Boni Yanagisawa).

Hall has also performed stunts in television series such as The Twilight Zone (1987, with Robert Knepper), Tales from the Crypt (1990, with John Kassir), Team Knight Rider, Profiler (1997, with Dennis Christopher), Nash Bridges (2001, with Patrick Fabian and Cress Williams), Alias (2002, with Jennifer Tung, Jeff Wolfe, stunts by Shauna Duggins, and created by J.J. Abrams), and The X-Files (2002, with Neal McDonough).

He was also Malcolm McDowell's stunt double in the video game Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom (1995, with John Rhys-Davies, Richard Riehle, and Jeremy Roberts).

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