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Randy K. Singer is a foley artist and mixer for Paramount who worked as foley mixer on Star Trek Generations, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, and Star Trek Nemesis.

According to the IMDb, Singer also worked as foley mixer on Star Trek. This has to be verified.

Singer started as sound and foley recordist in the late '80s on films such as the action drama Miles From Home (1988, with fellow sound department members Richard Morrison, Andrew Patterson, and Jerry Trent), the drama Boyz N the Hood (1991, along Pamela Bentkowski and Tim Song Jones), and Steven Soderbergh's drama Kafka (1991, alongside Ron Bartlett, Dan O'Connell, and Mark A. Mangini).

Singer continued as foley mixer on such films as the horror comedy Addams Family Values (1993, with Pamela Bentkowski, Bob Baron, Anne Couk, Cecelia Hall, Robin Harlan, Frank Howard, Joseph A. Ippolito, Suhail F. Kafity, Robert J. Litt, Steve Mann, Frank Montano, Jonathan Phillips, Greg P. Russell, Thomas Small, Greg Curda, Gloria D'Alessandro, and Jesse K-D. Dodd), the drama I'll Do Anything (1994), the drama Guarding Tess (1994), Wes Craven's horror film Vampire in Brooklyn (1995, with Mark DeSimone), the science fiction thriller Virtuosity (1995), Rob Cohen's fantasy film Dragonheart (1996, along John Roesch, Bill Meadows, Hilda Hodges, Richard L. Anderson, and Bill Varney), the comic adaptation The Phantom (1996), John Carpenter's science fiction thriller Escape from L.A. (1996), John Woo's action thriller Face/ Off (1997), the thriller Kiss the Girls (1997), James Cameron's Titanic (1997), Tim Burton's fantasy horror Sleepy Hollow (1999), John Woo's Mission: Impossible II (2000), Scary Movie (2000), the action thriller xXx (2002), the science fiction thriller Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004), the science fiction film Æon Flux (2005), J.J. Abrams' Mission: Impossible III (2006, alongside Scott Curtis, Robin Harlan, John Dunn, John Paul Fasal, Matthew Harrison, Susan Kurtz, Sarah Monat, Thomas Small, Michael Szakmeister, Kerry Dean Williams, and Christopher Flick), Oliver Stone's drama World Trade Center (2006), and the comedy Reno 911!: Miami (2007).

More recently, Singer worked as foley mixer on Paul Thomas Anderson's thriller There Will Be Blood (2008), the horror film Quarantine (2008), the horror thriller Case 39 (2009), and the science fiction remake Land of the Lost (2009).

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