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Raul Reformina is an actor who appeared as a command division officer in Star Trek Generations. He received no credit for his work and was identified by the name tag of his costume which was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay and later re-used by stuntman Ken Lesco. His name was misspelled as Paul Reformin. [1]

Reformina is a Screen Actors Guild member and also a registered stunt performer. In 2006 he was a SAG Hollywood Division Board Election Candidate along Jerry Sroka, William Schallert, Mitchell Ryan, Peggy Miley, Robert Duncan McNeill, Dakin Matthews, Patrick Kerr, David Huddleston, Richard Herd, Mariette Hartley, James Cromwell, George Coe, Seymour Cassel, Barbara Bosson, and Karen Austin. [2]

Reformina played supporting roles in the comic adaptation The Shadow (1994, with Aaron Lustig, Ethan Phillips, Rudolph Willrich, Larry A. Hankin, Lily Mariye, and Patrick Fischler), Kathryn Bigelow's science fiction thriller Strange Days (1995, with Michael Jace and Art Chudabala), and the action film Full Impact (1997). He also worked in the sound department for the crime thriller The Matador (2005, with Adam Scott).

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