The Ravinok was a Cardassian Ravinok-type starship that was in service with the Cardassian military, under the general command of Gul Dukat.


In 2366, the Ravinok and its crew of eighteen were assigned to transport 32 Bajoran prisoners, including Heler and Lorit Akrem, to a labor camp. Along the way, the Ravinok was scheduled to rendezvous with a freighter, bound for Lissepia, to transport two civilians that were also aboard the ship, Tora Naprem and Tora Ziyal.

En route, the Ravinok was forced several light years off course, and was attacked by two Breen warships, where after suffering several phaser hits it was forced to crash land on Dozaria. Twelve of the persons aboard died in the crash, while the rest were forced to work as slaves in a nearby Breen dilithium mine.

According to Dukat, "The Central Command always believed that the ship was destroyed in some kind of escape attempt by the Bajoran prisoners." Major Kira Nerys theorized that "they could've had a problem with their navigational array or run into some kind of subspace anomaly."

Though rumors of the ship's discovery cropped up over the years, it wasn't until 2372 when the Bajoran smuggler Razka Karn obtained a fragment of the Ravinok's forward sensor array from a Ferengi scrap-metal merchant. Major Kira mounted an expedition to find the ship, since her friend Lorit was one of the prisoners. Legate Dukat joined her, to find Tora Naprem and his daughter Ziyal. (DS9: "Indiscretion")

According to the script for the episode, the pronunciation for Ravinok was "RAV-ih-nok". [1]

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