Ravis was an alien who Hoshi Sato met on Risa in 2152.

She became intent on learning his language, which was very difficult to master. He attempted to teach his language to her, without much success. Ravis then invited Sato to join him in the exotic steampools of Risa, which she did. In the end, they wound up spending the night together.

Hoshi and Ravis spend the night together on Risa

In the morning after, Ravis said he hoped that Sato doesn't feel that he took advantage of her, but she assured him "not for a minute" did she feel this way, and that although Risa has a lot to offer, she could "spend the entire day" right there with him. (ENT: "Two Days and Two Nights")

In the final draft script of "Two Days and Two Nights", Ravis was initially referred to as "a handsome young alien man," a note pointed out, "He's not Risan," and a subsequent description stated, "He's very charming and pleasant."
Ravis was played by actor Rudolf Martin.
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