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The Rawcliffe Pewter Corporation was an American metalworking company that was founded in North Providence, Rhode Island in 1903. It produced high quality bronze, silver and pewter (a lead-tin alloy) parts for over a century.

The company began to manufacture complete ornaments, figurines and sculptures under its own name in 1974.

Star Trek licensingEdit

Rawcliffe Star Trek starships FASA-Rawcliffe SS2516 RPG miniature USS Chandley 1988
Starship gaming miniatures as packaged in Rawcliffe's 1988 "SS" series on the right (seen is SS2516, USS Chandley, not reissued by Rawcliffe in 1991)

The popularity of FASA's Star Trek starship gaming models attracted the attention of Rawcliffe which also began to release Star Trek miniatures for the Star Trek: The Role Playing Game in 1988.

In cooperation with FASA, Rawcliffe started to release high quality solid pewter gaming pieces with the hexagonal gaming stand now as an integral part of the model. Thirteen of FASA's models were re-made as Rawcliffe's "SS" (Star Ship) series. FASA was mentioned as co-licensee both on the clear plastic packaging boxes and on the bottom of the stand, while simultaneously following FASA's numbering.

When FASA lost its license in 1989, Rawcliffe renegotiated a separate license with the Paramount Marketing and Licensing Department and acquired the molds for the models from FASA. FASA had geared up to add Star Trek: The Next Generation figures to their product line but Rawcliffe eventually released these in 1992 after FASA was unable to. These former FASA miniatures became the basis for Rawcliffe to include larger scale starships, figurines and sculptures in their product line.

In 1991, Rawcliffe started anew with their "RF" (simply standing for "Rawcliffe") series (now including, besides the figurines and sculptures, larger scaled ship models without the FASA pedigree as well), but due to their new licensing agreement, the company produced canon ships exclusively. This meant that the five non-canon ships they had released in their original 1988 "SS" series (SS2508, 25010, 2513, 2516 & 2529) were not reissued by the company, resulting in them becoming sought-after rarities by collectors afterwards. With all references to FASA and their gaming miniature origins dropped (though many retained their hexagonal gaming stands), these models were now packaged in Rawcliffe's blank white carton boxes which displayed only Rawcliffe's logo. The models in this series came accompanied by a small colored carton nameplate – blue for the starships and burgundy red for the individual figurines – which emphasized that they were being released as decorative display items only.

In 1994, Rawcliffe expanded on its miniature lines with the addition of mugs and key chains to its Star Trek product lines.

A number of the company's original starship and space station miniatures and key chains were sculpted by Mark Eliot Schwabe, an American artist. [1] Sandra Garrity and Julie Guthrie were among the sculptors who created the figurines.

The company's licensing to release Star Trek-based products concluded in 1999.

Star Trek releasesEdit

Pewter miniatures and figurinesEdit

* Previously released by FASA and , excepting SS2529 (Klingon L-24), sculpted by Ab Mobasher
See the Star Trek: The Role Playing Game article for imagery of those Rawcliffe starship gaming miniatures with the FASA pedigree
Sculpted by Mark Eliot Schwabe

Key chainsEdit

  • K1953 USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (TOS) 1994
  • K1954 USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A 1994
  • K1955 USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D 1994
  • K1956 Command Insignia 1994
  • K1957 Sciences Insignia 1994
  • K1958 Engineering Insignia 1994
  • K1959 United Federation Of Planets Logo 1994
  • K1960 Klingon Logo 1994
  • K1961 Ferengi Logo 1994
  • K1962 Borg Logo 1994
  • K1963 Romulan Logo 1994
  • K1964 Starfleet Academy Logo 1994
  • K1965 Deep Space Nine Logo 1994
  • K1966 UFP Banner 1994
  • K1967 Kirk Medallion 1995
  • K1968 Spock Medallion 1995
  • K1971 Chekov Medallion 1995
  • K1972 Sulu Medallion 1995
  • K1973 Uhura Medallion 1995
  • K1974 The Motion Picture Starfleet Logo 1994
  • K1975 Galaxy Class Logo 1994
  • K1976 Next Generation Insignia 1994
  • K1977 Romulan Script 1994
  • K1978 Klingon Script 1994
  • K1979 Ferengi Script 1994
  • K1980 Deep Space 9 Space Station 1994
  • K1981 Tricorder 1994
  • K1982 Phaser Type 1 1994
  • K1983 Phaser Type 2 1994
  • K1984 Arkaria Logo 1994
  • K1985 Generations Movie Logo 1994
  • K1986 Generations Communicator 1994
  • K1987 Vulcan IDIC 1994
  • K1988 Starfleet Communicator 1994
  • K1989 Cardassian Symbol 1994
  • K1990 Bajoran Symbol 1994
  • K1991 D'k Tahg Klingon Knife 1994
  • K1992 Klingon Disruptor 1994
  • K1993 Spock's Hand: Live Long And Prosper 1994
  • K1994 Klingon Bat'leth 1995
  • K1995 Shuttlecraft (TNG) (3D) 1995
  • K1996 USS Voyager Ship 1995
  • K1997 Borg Cube (3D) 1995 sculpted by Mark Eliot Schwabe
  • K1998 Voyager Logo Banner 1995
  • K1999 Star Trek 30 Years Logo 1995

16-ounce mugs (ceramic with pewter deco)Edit


  • M2002 USS Enterprise (TOS) (ship in profile)
  • M2003 USS Enterprise 1701-D (ship in profile)
  • M2004 USS Enterprise (TOS) Sciences Insignia
  • M2005 USS Enterprise (TOS) Operations Insignia
  • M2006 USS Enterprise (TOS) Command Insignia
  • M2007 Klingon Logo
  • M2008 Ferengi Logo
  • M2009 Romulan Star Empire Logo
  • M2010 Starfleet Academy Logo
  • M2011 United Federation Of Planets Logo
  • M2013 Generations Logo (two different cup design variants)
  • M2014 USS Voyager (ship in profile)
  • M2015 Star Trek 30 Years Logo
  • N/A Borg Logo

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