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Ray Proscia is an actor who played the Vidiian commander in the Star Trek: Voyager second season episode "Deadlock".

Among his acting resume are films such as Why Do Fools Fall in Love (1998, with Star Trek: The Next Generation guest star Ben Vereen), the television movie Babylon 5: River of Souls (1998, starring Tracy Scoggins and Joel Brooks), The Privateers (2000, with Walter Koenig, Jack Donner, Benjamin Lum, and Karen Sheperd, where he also served as an associate producer), Vanilla Sky (2001, with Mark Bramhall), and L.A. Twister (2004).

Proscia has also guest starred in television series such as 3rd Rock from the Sun (1996, guest starring Shay Astar), The Pretender (1998, with John Billingsley and Ken Clark), Son of the Beach (2000, starring Lisa Banes), Family Law (2000, starring Christopher McDonald, Salli Elise Richardson, and Julie Warner, and guest starring Tony Amendola, Penny Johnson, John Rubinstein, and Kenneth Tigar), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2001, guest starring Amanda Carlin, Tony Amendola, and Jamie McShane), Charmed (2002, guest starring Patrick Fischler, John Thaddeus, Shannon O'Hurley, and Bart McCarthy), J.J. Abrams' Alias (2003), Boston Legal (2006, starring William Shatner and Rene Auberjonois, and guest starring Don McManus), Without a Trace (2007, starring Enrique Murciano), and 24 (2007, guest starring Tzi Ma).

He also appeared as himself in the 1986 exercise video Callanetics.

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