Raymond Marr (nicknamed "Renny"), the son of Kila Marr, was born in 2322. He lived at the colony on Omicron Theta. When his mother left the colony to pursue her career, she placed him in the care of the Wallace family. Raymond remained there until his death in 2338, a casualty of an attack on the colony by the Crystalline Entity. Many of his thoughts and memories were stored inside of Data, including Renny's journals.

He was introduced to parrises squares by the older children at the colony, and excelled at the sport, despite his mother's worries about him being too young to play it. He won a championship emblem in the sport, which caused him no small amount of pride, and wrote about it to his mother in a letter. He was having trouble getting his mind around the study of cellular biology. He also had a girlfriend named Janina, whom his mother had been unaware of.

After his death, Data shared details about him with Kila. (TNG: "Silicon Avatar")

This character appeared as an off-screen voiceover.
Raymond Marr was voiced by Jason Marsden, who received no credit for this voice part.
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