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{{bginfo|Razka Karn was portrayed by [[Roy Brocksmith]].}}
{{bginfo|Razka Karn was portrayed by [[Roy Brocksmith]].}}
==External link==
==External link==
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[[de:Razka Karn]]
[[de:Razka Karn]]

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Razka Karn

Razka Karn in 2372.

Razka Karn was a Bajoran scrap metal and salvage merchant. During the Occupation of Bajor, he performed the role of a smuggler, transporting weapons and supplies to members of the Bajoran Resistance. It was in this capacity that he became a friend of Major Kira Nerys. In the 2370s, he operated a starship out of the Badlands.

In 2372, Razka purchased a hull fragment from a Ferengi merchant that was from the Ravinok, a Cardassian ship lost in 2366. Kira had a friend, Lorit Akrem, aboard the ship when it disappeared, and Razka contacted her about the information he had discovered. She and Dukat rendezvoused with Razka in the Badlands to examine the fragment. Razka could not leave the Badlands, as he was once again being pursued by the Tholians. At the meeting, Dukat confirmed the fragment was from the Ravinok. Furthermore, Dukat noted that Razka had at least twelve outstanding warrants for his arrest on Cardassia Prime. (DS9: "Indiscretion")

Razka Karn was portrayed by Roy Brocksmith.

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