Klingon PADD - record of battle

Record of battle of the Rotarran

The record of battle, or combat log, was a document kept aboard starships of the Imperial Klingon Defense Forces during the 24th century, detailing that vessel's combat record, as well as its crew's performance. Rather than marking the entries with stardates, time references were based on the Klingon calendar.

During the assumption of the post of first officer aboard a Klingon vessel, the officer in question asked:

"Who brings the record of battle for this ship?"

The officer responsible for presenting the record did so, giving the response:

"I, [name], [position] of the ship [ship name] present the glorious record of our honor and hope that you find us worthy of your leadership."

The new first officer then accepted the record of battle, and made such report to the captain.

Upon assuming the post of first officer in 2373, Worf was presented with the record of battle of the IKS Rotarran by Kornan, weapons officer. The record showed that the Rotarran had failed to win any engagements in the last seven months - something that was subsequently rectified during the rescue of the crew of the IKS B'Moth. (DS9: "Soldiers of the Empire")

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