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DVD special feature
Series: VOY Season 1 DVD
Run time: 10 minutes 24 seconds
Release date: 24 February 2004
Language: English
Year: 2003

Red Alert: Visual Effects Season One is a ten minute special released on the VOY Season 1 DVD.

Dan Curry is interviewed on 30 July 2003 about the creation of the visual effects during the first season of Star Trek: Voyager, especially the creation of the explosions and the Caretaker in the pilot episode "Caretaker".

He talks about the traditional ship miniatures and the five foot model of USS Voyager which was designed by Rick Sternbach and Richard James and constructed by Tony Meininger. Another detailed piece was the removeable shuttlebay door of the model.

Another interview comes from the set while filming visual effects scenes for "Caretaker", dated 16 November 1994. In a third interview piece, Curry and David Stipes talk about creating the visual effects on set on 12 December 1994.

The short includes visual effects scenes from the episodes "Caretaker", "Phage", "Parallax", "Cathexis", "Faces", "Projections", "Tattoo", "The Cloud", and "The 37's".