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Redshirt's Little Book of Doom is a book from Insight Editions. Written by Robb Pearlman and Anna-Maria Jung, it was released on 19 July 2016.

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Star Trek: Redshirt's Little Book of Doom casts a wry, satirical, and reverential eye on one of the most popular and well-loved television and film franchises of all time.
It's common knowledge that if a Star Trek character is wearing a red shirt, chances are he's going to die. But there are so many other ways red shirt-wearers can be humiliated. By mining the humorous depths of Star Trek's most popular in-jokes – that anyone wearing a red shirt is doomed – this book chronicles the many ways one Starfleet officer's day can be ruined.
Poor Red Shirt just can't catch a break. Whether he's dealing with real-life problems we all face like accidentally mixing whites with colors or being stuck sitting behind a very tall Gorn in a movie theater or trying out a standup comedy routine in front of an audience of surly Klingons, our hapless hero faces a universe-sized number of obstacles.
Featuring hilarious illustrations and witty gags that both pop culture fans and Star Trek fans will adore, Star Trek: Redshirt's Little Book of Doom is a fresh new take on one of the most beloved sci-fi sagas of all time.

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