A regenerative phaser was a type of phaser weapon designed in the late-24th century by Starfleet.

The TR-116 rifle was also considered as an alternative to this weapon, as it could have been used in any type of environment where a normal phaser was useless, such as inside energy dampening fields or radiogenic environments. The TR-116 however never entered production. (DS9: "Field of Fire")

Other phaser weapons, such as the compression phaser rifle, could be used in a dampening field. In the episode VOY: "Night", when the USS Voyager became trapped in a Night Alien dampening field the rifles were still operational. Also, some phaser arrays were not disabled by radiogenic environments. In the episode VOY: "Dragon's Teeth", USS Voyager fired its phasers inside the radiogenic atmosphere of the Vaadwaur homeworld. The Delta Flyer also fired its phasers inside the radiogenic ring around a class T planet in VOY: "Good Shepherd".
In the novel Mere Mortals, it was attempted to use regenerative phasers against the Borg, but they failed to be effective.

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