Regenerative shielding

The Prometheus, protected by regenerative shielding

Regenerative shielding was an advanced form of deflector shielding technology used in the 24th century by the Numiri culture of the Delta Quadrant, and later developed by Starfleet.

In 2371, when the USS Voyager was engaged in combat with two Numiri patrol vessels, Commander Chakotay utilized an old Maquis maneuver, wherein Voyager feigned distress to lure the enemy vessels into close proximity. When one of the patrol vessels attempted to lock a tractor beam onto Voyager, Chakotay ordered phasers fired at the vessels' navigational deflectors, successfully penetrating their regenerative shields and disabling both ships. (VOY: "Ex Post Facto")

The experimental vessel USS Prometheus, developed by Starfleet in 2374, was equipped with regenerative shielding, ablative hull armor, and multi-vector assault mode as part of its primary battle systems. In that year, the regenerative shielding was utilized in battle with a group of Romulan Warbirds. (VOY: "Message in a Bottle")

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According to the Voyager novel Seven of Nine, the Borg had assimilated regenerative shield technology from an insectoid race known as the Tuktak, who used it to protect their ships. However, it proved impractical for Borg vessels, especially the very massive Borg cubes, so the Collective modified the technology for drones' personal protection instead.

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