For the non-corporeal murderer, please see Redjac, or for the objet d'art, please see Rejac Crystal.
"nuquvmoH Sech qengwI'ma'… machoq'eghmeH maghobtaHwIS Heghwl' wa'DIch ghaH."
Translates from Klingonese to: "Our Torchbearer honors us & help first to die in our crusade for self-preservation.

Rejac (Klingonese: rej'aq) was a Klingon warrior and a follower of T'Kuvma. He had a brother, Or'Eq.

In 2256, Rejac was given the role of Torchbearer and sent to activate the Beacon of Kahless. When he reached the Beacon, he found Michael Burnham there and attacked her. Shortly after, the thrusters on Burnham's environmental suit fired, accidentally causing Rejac to be impaled on his own bat'leth. Rejac's body was recovered by T'Kuvma and laid to rest on the hull of his ship. T'Kuvma hoped that Rejac would be welcomed into the Black Fleet. (DIS: "The Vulcan Hello")

During Rejac's funeral, T'Kuvma used Rejac's death at Burnham's hands in order to fuel the Klingon's hate of the Federation, in his plot to trigger a war.


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Rejac was played by stunt actor Justin Howell.


Line Rejac is the name of a Klingon familial line in the Star Trek: The Role Playing Game module Termination: 1456.

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