Original Airdate:1999-05-12
Production Number:218
Year:2375/2371/2372/29th century
Story by:Nick Sagan
Teleplay by:Bryan Fuller & Nick Sagan and Michael Taylor
Directed by:Allan Eastman

Seven of Nine is recruited by a starship from the 29th century to save Voyager from being destroyed in the past.



Background Information

Memorable Quotes

"See you in the 24th century."

"I look forward to it. Or should I say backward?"

"Don't get started!"

- Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine, about returning to Voyager from the 29th century.

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Guest Stars


Akira class; Borg; Braxton; Joseph Carey; William Chapman; class-9 warp drive; Zefram Cochrane; Dali Paradox; drydock; Ducane; USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E); Excelsior class; USS Fredrickson; Galaxy class; Intrepid class; Janeway Factor; Kathryn Janeway; Kazon; Timothy Lang; Mannis; Nebula class; Patterson; Pogo Paradox; Predator class; USS Relativity; Saber class; Seven of Nine; Steamrunner class; temporal disruptor; Temporal Prime Directive; Takara Sector; TCARS; temporal psychosis; temporal transporter; time travel; tricorder; Utopia Planitia; Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards; USS Voyager; Wells class; workbee

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