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Renie Rivas is an actress who played a Starfleet cadet in Star Trek. As a background performer, she received no credit for her appearance and was in scenes which featured over a hundred Human Starfleet cadets, all played by background extras.

Rivas has starred in dozens of stage plays, including the role of Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream and plays such as Guys and Dolls, The Sophisticated Rogue, and Batboy.

Rivas has portrayed supporting roles in the horror films Slaughter Party (2005) and Evil Ever After (2006), the drama Choose Connor (2007, with Steven Weber, John Rubinstein, Michael Welch, Richard Riehle, Erick Avari, Don McManus, April Grace, and James Horan), and more recently the drama Richard III (2008, with Marco Sanchez, Darin Cooper, and Tim Storms) and the television thriller Shark Swarm (2008, starring F. Murray Abraham).

Rivas also appeared in the internet show Moonlight on Ivy and had the lead role in The Audry Apple Show. [1]

She provides the recurring voice as Scarriet, an unenthusiastic Slugburger employee, as well as a Ramblyboo and more additional characters, on Cartoon Network's Mighty Magiswords as her first voiceover job in TV animation, working with her close friend and creator Kyle A. Carrozza, who has collaborated with her since deviantArt. Renie previously voiced the character Ashley-Mary in Kyle's defunct web-short, Weird Eddie: Luck of the Oafish.

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