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A report was a written, visual, or oral account to communicate the status or outcome of a situation to others. After the situation, reports were typically placed in a computer file or record for later reference. Logs were similar to reports, but were generally recorded for posterity instead of primarily for dissemination to and usage by others.

In 2151, Captain Archer gave Ensign Travis Mayweather the task to write the report on the mission on Terra Nova and the discovery of the lost Terra Nova colony. (ENT: "Terra Nova")

In August of 2151, Vice admiral Maxwell Forrest told Captain Jonathan Archer whatever he had to do, he should keep on sending reports like the one about Archer's Comet. (ENT: "Fortunate Son")

Among the duties of a yeoman was bringing reports to the captain as did yeoman J.M. Colt in 2254. (TOS: "The Cage")

Ship mission and assignment records were maintained by a records officer aboard the USS Enterprise. (TOS: "Court Martial")

Aamin Marritza prided himself on not losing a single report when he was a file clerk at Gallitep. He called his own computer filing system a "masterpiece of meticulous exactitude." (DS9: "Duet")

After the failed assassination attempt on Vedek Bareil Antos by Neela, Commander Benjamin Sisko and Major Kira Nerys wrote a report for Starfleet. (DS9: "In the Hands of the Prophets")

Gul Evek had a lengthy report to write after the incident on Dorvan V. (TNG: "Journey's End")

After Gowron assumed direct control of the Klingon Defense Forces in late 2375, he told Martok he should be happy – he would no longer have to file reports. (DS9: "When It Rains...")


Combat-related assessments
Duty/department status and evaluations
General information
Medical- and death-related evaluations
Security and intelligence reports
Space travel information
Starship deployment and updates
System conditions and analysis

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A file is also a term for how computer code is stored, such as for a Narrative parameters file.

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