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Who has survived the destruction of the Starship Excalibur?

Requiem is a Star Trek: New Frontier novel – the ninth book in the series and the first novel in the Excalibur trilogy – written by Peter David. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in September 2000.


From the book jacket
When the USS Excalibur was suddenly and mercilessly destroyed, Starfleet lost one of its finest starships. But the crew members of the Excalibur lost their captain… and home. Now, in mourning for their ship and Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, First Officer Elizabeth Shelby and the rest of the crew await their new assignments.
For Lieutenant Soleta, that means a painful reunion with her Romulan father, while Zak Kebron and Mark McHenry are sent undercover to investigate a series of mysterious alien abductions on a low-tech world. Going their separate ways throughout the Alpha Quadrant, the Excalibur's survivors must face diverse challenges and dangers on their own.
The ship is history, but the adventure continues…

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Memorable quotes

"You saw God? You saw God? You aided the Federation because you saw God? You saw God?"
"Are you going to be saying that many more times? Because you're becoming a bit repetitive."

- Soleta and Rejari

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