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The village of Ressik

Ressik was a town of the Northern province on the planet of Kataan, in existence during the 14th century. The term Ressikan referred to an individual or item originating from this town.

The memories of the local iron weaver, Kamin, were preserved, along with a Ressikan flute, in the hopes that a record of their civilization would not be lost when their sun went nova. (TNG: "The Inner Light", "Lessons")

Background information

The original matte painting

The long view on Ressik was originally a matte painting created by Visual Effects Producer Dan Curry. (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 1, Issue 3, p. 19) For the 2012 remastered version of the episode the view was recreated digitally by Max Gabl, staying as close to the original as possible. As to the reasons for doing so, Gabl has explained, "I think most of them are total recreations. Because the planets we’re looking at from the original [TNG] series are very low-res and blurry. There’s no way to put more detail into those, so it’s basically all recreation. Mike Okuda tells us exactly what we need in there, and it’s just back and forth – playing it and seeing what the details are going to look like and then I put them in, compare with the old, [Mike will] look at it, I’ll make the changes and that’s how it goes." [1]

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