A resumé was a document that listed an individual's education, employment history and skills.

In 2372, B'Elanna Torres explained the Maquis' lack of knowledge of the background of its members by saying that they didn't ask for resumés, citing a need for recruits as the reason why. (VOY: "Meld")

In 2373, after learning Garak had "borrowed" a Cardassian comp-link from someone, Odo said he'd have to add the word pickpocket to Garak's resumé. (DS9: "Things Past")

In 2375, Chakotay responded to "Valerie Archer"'s assessment that he had been (in) Human (form) a little too long, he joked that he ought to send his resumé to the real Starfleet. She then gave an example of the wording her could use; "Alien from distant galaxy seeks employment. References available upon request." (VOY: "In the Flesh")

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