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Resurrection City, Resurrection for short, was conceptualized in an early script of Star Trek: First Contact as the nearest city, two miles away, to Zefram Cochrane's missile silo. As such, much of the earthbound action in the movie was set there. Later the city used became Bozeman (and the missile silo was directly next to the settlement), Montana, which dialogue in the script mentions as being two hundred miles from Resurrection City.

Being a major location in the story, the script describes Resurrection City in some detail. It was said to be a western community in Montana with around a thousand inhabitants, that had probably existed for at least two hundred years. It is said that the roots of the original ranching community it grew from are still visible in its architecture, but that it is also a community of the 21st century.

It was said to be surrounded by nearly a hundred windmills of various level of advancement, which were its only power source. Uncontaminated food was said to come from a large polyurethane tent guarded by a militia guard, and distributed in rations to a food line . It was said to have a derelict McDonald's or some other recognizable food chain turned into a Blacksmith shop, and its hospital facilities experienced only intermittent power, Bozeman being the nearest city with a better hospital.

In the final scene of the movie in this script, the 23rd century (apparently an error) version of the city is visited, which is said to be a thriving metropolis giving off an uplifting feeling, with spires reaching to the sky.

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