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Scotty's true love.


When the USS Enterprise visits Deep Space Station K-12 engineer Scott is informed his former wife Glynnis has died. All he has left of her is a holophoto, her pendant and his memories.

Memorable quotesEdit

"You'll have to forgive Mr. Scott. He hasn't been quite right for a few weeks, since he was hit by a lightning bolt from a Greek god."
"You've been in space how long?"

- Kirk and Weiss

"That's my Glynnis. We met when we were little more than children."
"She looks familiar some— Wait a minute, about fifteen years ago, wasn't it? Wasn't she the one on Beta Nirobi II who—"
"Aye. That was her. You've a good memory for women, captain."
"Call it a knack."

- Scott and Kirk

Background informationEdit



Montgomery Scott 
USS Enterprise-A's chief engineer, formerly of USS Enterprise.
Glynnis Campbell 
long time friend of Montgomery Scott's, married to Angus MacFarlane in the 2260s, married to Montgomery Scott in late 2270s
James T. Kirk 
Enterprise-A captain, formerly of the original Enterprise.
Leonard McCoy 
Enterprise-A CMO.
Hikaru Sulu 
Enterprise-A helmsman, does some fencing training with Kirk in 2286.
Enterprise exec and science officer, visits Beta Nirobi II in 2267.
Enterprise navigator and science officer, she attends Peter Preston's funeral in 2285.
Peter Preston 
Montgomery Scott's nephew who died during a training cruise. In early 2270s his uncle tried to convince him to join Starfleet
Dannan Preston 
Older sister of Peter's, in 2285 a Starfleet lieutenant who attends her brother's funeral.
The Star Trek II novelization points out Dannan is 12 years older than Peter and already a commander in 2285; in the comic they appear to be the same age.
Fran Preston 
Mother of Dannan and Peter, sister of Montgomery Scott. Furious her brother didn't take care of her son as promised.
Angus MacFarlane 
Husband of Glynnis Campbell in 2260s, he and Scott had a fight on Beta Nirobi II in 2267
Henri Picard 
Starfleet admiral who notifies Montgomery Scott he has been accepted into Starfleet Training School.
Girl Angus dates in 2237.
Colonist on Beta Nirobi II who is amazed of Montgomery Scott's work.


Beta Nirobi II 
Agricultural Federation colony visited by USS Enterprise in 2267.
medals and awards
Deep Space K-12 
Federation starbase visited by USS Enterprise-A in 2286
In 2286 Sulu and Kirk train the Enterprise-A's gym.
Scotch whisky (alcohol)
After learning about the death of his wife, Scotty empties at least three bottles.
Mira Romaine 
Memory Alpha archivist.
Carolyn Palamas 
Former Enterprise archaeology and anthropology officer.
Tom Preston 
Husband of Fran and father of Dannan and Peter; he is at his workplace when his brother-in-law visits the family after arrival on Earth.
Omicron Ceti II 
Agricultural Federation colony with which Federation had have lost contact.
Star TreX 
Scotty and Glynn have an issue of this comic in their apartment in the 2240s.


Scotty is born.
Glynnis Campbell is born.
Angus and his friends scare Glynnis, Scotty comes to her rescue.
Scotty goes to the dance, he is 15 years old.
Scotty is accepted into Starfleet Training School; he won't see Glynnis the next 20 years.
2267 (stardate 3171.4) 
A few weeks after their encounter at Pollux, Enterprise visits Beta Nirobi II. Scotty learns Glynnis married his old rival Angus.
Scotty visits his sister in Glasgow and projects he'll be spending more time refitting Enterprise. He also learns Glynnis and Angus divorced.
2285 (stardate 8140.1) 
Peter Preston's funeral; Glynnis and Montgomery are married for 4 years and 9 months.
Glynnis Campbell dies while her husband is exiled on Vulcan.

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